Do I really need a website??

Why do I need a website….

This is a question that I hear quite a bit, it is often followed up with questions like: Where do I start? Is it hard to do? Is my business big enough? How will people find my website?
In short there are a number of reasons why you may need a website, whether it be to advertise and promote your business or give information about your wedding, party or event, or even just a simple blog style website about yourself.
I am writing this short blog to help you decide if a website is Read More…

How much…

Why does a website cost money?

These days we all know the importance of a Web presence to promote business and events, but do we know where the costs go? In short there are a number of overheads associated with a website, not to mention the expertise that goes into creating and designing.

Here are just a few places your fee goes:

  • Initial set up, design and creation. Where would your website be without the knowledge, inspiration and creative mind of the developer? A large chunck of your initial fee will go toward the designers time.
  • Domain Registration. This is your website name/address. Without this no one will know Read More…