Why do I need a website….

This is a question that I hear quite a bit, it is often followed up with questions like: Where do I start? Is it hard to do? Is my business big enough? How will people find my website?
In short there are a number of reasons why you may need a website, whether it be to advertise and promote your business or give information about your wedding, party or event, or even just a simple blog style website about yourself.
I am writing this short blog to help you decide if a website is

for you or not, and to answer some of those common questions as well as to highlight the many benefits of a web presence.

Is it hard to set up a website?

Fifteen or twenty years ago my answer may have been very different, but with today’s software and technology I would say no, it is not too difficult to set up a functioning website using one of the many online website building services (both paid and free) we have readily available today.
However, having a functioning website does not mean having a user-friendly and professional looking website. You may find it very overwhelming at first and could struggle to offer a good web experience to your customers – luckily though, that is what keeps people like me in work!
By instructing an expert to design and build your website, it makes the whole experience as easy as having a chat over a pint or a coffee. Simply tell me your ideas and I will make it reality.

Is my business big enough for a website?

The definitive answer to this a resounding YES.
No matter what size your business is or how long you have been trading, a web presence is pretty much essential these days. Just ask yourself how you would find the phone number of your local pub when you want to book a table Sunday lunch or where you can buy some chickens – I’m guessing your answer is probably google.
Combining your new website with social media, such as Twitter and Facebook is also a great way to promote your business. Many people use social media multiple times each day, so those little tweets are a great way to remind your potential customers that you are there.

No matter what size your business is or how long you have been trading, a web presence is pretty much essential

A website is a great tool to show what you offer as a business, think of it as your virtual shop that never sleeps! It needs to be user-friendly and inviting for people to use your products or services as well as encouraging them to return.

How do I keep my website up to date?

There is nothing worse than an out of date website. Your customers don’t want to see the Christmas opening times for last year in June and likewise you don’t want to lose potential customers just because you have changed phone number and they can no longer get in touch with you. It just as important to keep your website current as it is to have one in the first place.
I offer a few different ways that you can keep your website updated.

  • Twitter – This is a simple way for minor updates, such as breaking news or upcoming events. I can link your twitter account to the website so whatever you tweet is instantly visibly online.
  • Let Joe do it – that’s right, just ask me to do it. Depending on your package, regular updates are included in the price. Or just ask and I will do it for a small fee.
  • Do it yourself – this may seem overwhelming at first but with my top package I will teach you how to do your own simple updates (if you wish). And I will even create short tutorial video for you to help out. But don’t worry I am always just an email away if you need assistance

What use is a website to me, I’m not a business?

I am often find myself designing website for non-businesses. These range from charity websites to personal websites promoting events and special occasions. Wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of sending out a number of sheets of paper with all information for your big day and then realising you have missed off something important, why not just write the website address on the invitation and have you guest go there for all of the required information. The website can also be used of a number of other things such as:

  • Write a short story about how you met
  • Introduce the wedding party
  • RSVP facility
  • Menu choices
  • Order of the day
  • Travel and accommodation recommendations
  • Photo gallery after the wedding
  • Anything else you want to add

So, YES a website is almost certainly for you

Hopefully this short blog has helped answer a few of your questions, but of course you may have questions of your own. Should you wish to discuss anything or are looking for a website for your business, event or something else, just drop me an email.

Thanks for reading


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