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Why does a website cost money?

These days we all know the importance of a Web presence to promote business and events, but do we know where the costs go? In short there are a number of overheads associated with a website, not to mention the expertise that goes into creating and designing.

Here are just a few places your fee goes:

  • Initial set up, design and creation. Where would your website be without the knowledge, inspiration and creative mind of the developer? A large chunck of your initial fee will go toward the designers time.
  • Domain Registration. This is your website name/address. Without this no one will know where to find you. Would you expect the postman to deliver your letter if you forgot to write the address on the envelope? This can be only a small fee, maybe a little as £5 per year for a, but useless on its own
  • Web Hosting. Think of this as your house. A nice shiny number (domain name) is useless without a house to put it on (server). Whilst this can start from very low prices for shared servers it can also run up into £1000s for dedicated servers. It is very much a ‘you get what you pay for’ thing. It’s no good buying cheap if the server is slow. Speed is paramount for websites!
  • Email. So you now have a professional website, you don’t want to cheapen it by having a generic email address. It is a pet hate of mine when I see a business with the email address or – if want a web presence, do it properly!
  • Support. Sometimes things go wrong, or need changing/updating. The last thing you want is someone trying to claim an offer or price that is no longer profitable. The support part of your fee enables you to remain current
  • Social Media If you don’t know the power of social media, what decade are you living in? The world revolves around Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram to name a few and these are a great tool for business. Get people talking about you and your business.
  • Analytics. Detailed report of how many people visit your website each, day, week or month.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This may be a phrase you have heard, but basically its about optimising your website to increases your ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

Now this is by no means an exhaustive list but it hopefully gives you an idea of where the money goes!

But hang on, aren’t there free options?

The short answer is of course yes. But as I said earlier ‘you get what you pay for’. Sure go ahead and try one of the many free webdesign tools that exist today, but you will quickly realise that you can be very limited to the design and you will soon be faced with costs when realising you want a domain, email, speed. And you may struggle to get the unique look and feel your business deserves. It’s much easier, quicker and maybe cheaper in the long run to get it done properly at the start.

Why do prices vary?

You will have to ask other designers why they charge what they do, but I aim to charge below the local average as JL Design is still in its infancy and is not my sole income. Having a full time day job my websites are created during evening and weekends, so it may take me a little longer to complete (maybe a week or two) than other full time designers, but this is reflected in the price. I can however guarantee there will be no compromise on quality!

A new way of pricing

This is very much an experimental project. Inviting you to only pay based on the success of your website. While it may end up costing you more in some months, less in others, but overall you will not pay over the standard package costs for the year. You don’t want to pay for a website if no one is looking at it. This treats your website as an advertising tool, you only pay if your site is successful.
From as low as 10p per unique website hit and 50p per lead.
As I say, this is new and experimental, so pricing may (and probably will) change and adapt as necessary. Ultimately we want you to  get the best deal!

See my current website price here

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