[stag_intro]Bringing the farm out of the dark ages and into the social world[/stag_intro]

Little Eaton Farm is a local farm that sells chickens. It also just happens to be owned and run but my wife’s Aunt and Uncle.

I was asked to create a website for their chicken business. “A bit like this one” they said showing me another chicken website. My reply was simply “No!”. “No, I cannot make you a website like like that because that website is terrible! I can however make you a website that is clean, responsive, modern and cool!”

So I set about creating a website for them, and this is the website. This is integrated with Twitter so it is nice and easy for them to update their site with current news and offers from their new twitter account.

The Social farm…

Little Eaton Farm now benefits from a social media presence. With their new facebook and twitter pages they are able to stay current and active in the lives of their customers as well as being able to reach people on new platforms.

Fresh eggs every day?

Fancy trying your hand and keeping chickens and enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast? Get in touch with Donna and Dave to find out more.

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