[stag_intro]Our very own premier league darts.[/stag_intro]

Fed up with struggling to get enough players for away games we decided to try something different for the 2014/15 winter season. We made our very own Premier League style darts competition in The Local.

The format is simple – 10 regular patrons of the pub play each other twice throughout the season. Each game consists of 6 legs. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. And we have our very own league! Of course what with me being involved we couldn’t just use paper to record everything and work out the table manually. Oh no….

I created a fully automated excel spreadsheet that does all of the hard work for us. Just input the scores, number of 180s and 140s and everything is worked out. The league table even sorts based on leg difference.

And the very clever bit… at the click of a button all of the data is automatically uploaded to the dedicated Local Darts website. This is kept up to date during the evening via my iPhone and we have a live, online league table through out the evening!

We are almost in the stages of marketing this to local pubs and clubs as a darts league package – pricing (at time of writing) has not yet been set